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New volume of Mystery Making Trilogy



The apparent paradox within the title of this book originates in the double nature of human history. The duality of Facts already known to us and Mysteries waiting to be revealed. These two concepts complement each other, one could not excist without the other.


In this volume of the Mystery Making Trilogy I share my thoughts with you on the subject above. For the first time on the Hungarian book market, one can read about the ingenious invention of Cardano which has been an integral part of our everyday life for five centuries. You can also find out about the real face of János Bolyai who has been “around the world” in the form of books, journals, phone cards and stamps for nearly 50 years. Some of the illustrations in this book are impressive works of art from ancient time and the middle ages which will help to bring facts to life.


Also published in this volume of the trilogy is a list of keywords and phrases (the Echelon Dictionary) which was used by the World Wide Satellite Network “to protect humanity from terror attacks” ... 3 months before September 11.2001.

I wish you an enjoyable and “mysteriously factual” read.

The Author



Tamas T. Denes is the author of the unique Codebreaker ABC (the first volume of the Mystery Making Trilogy) and `Secret Computer History`.

He has spent most of his professional life searching for hidden facts and connections in the field of cryptography and publishing them in a way accessible to a wide range of readers. The topic is especially timely now, in the 21st century when we are facing the challenges of the `information society`. = Everything that`s missing from the books ...